I am so glad you found me. 

I am on a journey of a lifetime and art is my way of expressing these experiences. I am a studio painter living in Maryland. My current work includes oil pastels, acrylic and printmaking.

I am continually inspired by the world in my own backyard and the far off places I have seen. My biggest inspiration, though, is my house full of vikings. My husband and three boys keep me fulfilled, even when there is no art. 

I have spent a lifetime in study, both through school, workshops and growing up and living among artists. But the best education in fine art I've had is just doing it...this is my story so far and I hope you continue to follow. 

Sincerely, Kellee Wynne Conrad 

If you'd like to know more about my creative journey, begin here: kelleewynnestudios.com
"I see colors in Van Gogh hues. The world around me beckons to be captured and pinned down as a shape or a texture or a word that I might later refer to as a memory or a reflection of my soul. I see art in everyday life. I transfer this creative energy to every motion, moment or memento that passes me. I file images in my mind like an intense conversion in a Caravaggio painting or a simple flirting with happiness like Renoir would depict. Is every little lily pond just a Monet in disguise? Or a urinal simply Duchamp reminding me that anything could be art, but probably is not! If I could translate my children’s laughter into a masterpiece I would have nothing left to say, but such a thing is impossible to capture as a tangible object. So, I create because the world I see refuses to be tied to physical boundaries. I am an artist and before I rest my head at night, I have created a hundred works of art in the recess of my mind." My reflection on art - by Kellee Wynne Conrad - 2008

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