Discovering Mixed Media

"A Fine Balance" 9x12, Mixed Media by Kellee Wynne Conrad
On exhibit at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis Maryland,
May 2015

It only seems natural to me to come around full circle to paper. A little known fact: I was a scrapbook artists for over a decade before returning to paint. I was published in national magazines, created trade product for Colorbok, a national company, taught workshops and spent a lot of time on forums like Studio Calico. But my roots in fine art finally pulled me back to my first love of painting. It was a hard switch at first as my youngest was still in diapers, but I was determined. And I am beyond words grateful for the opportunity I've had to come back into the fine art scene when I was ready to make this jump.

Scrapbook artist turned fine art painter Kellee Wynne Conrad,
Originally published in 2009

Taking all the knowledge I learned from my paper arts days,
I am rediscovering the old ideas with new techniques
as I fall in love with mixed media painting.

But here I am again playing with paper. Digging through what is left of my stash from a long lost hobby. Discovering how to put together what I once knew with the passion for paint I have now. I don't want to say it comes naturally, but I think years of practice in the paper arts left me with enough experience to have a good foundation in design and composition. So I am exploring what it means to create without an objective, but rather to play with the parts until they fit together. Not all projects work out, but the more I work through ideas and use the materials, the more I discover what I'm meant to be doing right now. 

Here are a selection of materials to create mixed media.
Many elements from my previous stash of scrapbooking
supplies are revitalized in my new mixed media paintings,
as well as hand painted papers to begin the layering process. 

I carefully place elements of papers and paint to create a
good foundation for my mixed media painting.
I sketch out ideas and then pay attention to composition
and color theory for a dynamic outcome. 

Examples of how choosing one subject creates an easy
beginning to explore all the possibilities to put together
your mixed media project. In this case I chose circular
shapes and worked around the one subject in various
ways to understand how the mediums of paint,
pencil, paper, oil pastel and glazes all work best together.

One successfully finished mixed media painting out of
several attempts. When I set out to explore a new technique,
I don't expect to nail it every time. Many will be painted
over or thrown out. Giving myself permission to play without
worrying about the end results keeps my work inventive
and a whole lot less serious. 
Thank you for letting me share my passion with you. I realize that these behind the scenes stories of the life of a painting is just as vital as all the other business advice I share with you in my journey as an artist and business entrepreneur. So I will continue to bring you a little more of everything.

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Thank you and Enjoy the Journey,
XO Kellee

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