Challenge Accepted: The {100} Artworks Challenge

I am so excited that so many people have decided to jump on board and Join the Challenge! We have people from all over the world accepting the challenge! Many questions have been asked about how to do the {100} Artworks Challenge and what guidelines to follow.

I'd really like for you to think about this challenge as developing one idea into a body of work to push you to grow as an artist. I know most of us love to try everything and it's hard to ignore one aspect of our talent for another. But when we do one thing 100 times we learn about who we are and what our art is about in a way that a class or a book can never do. And at the end of 100...we start again. This is not my idea, but one that has been suggested by many of the masters, to include my great uncle who was my first inspiration to do 100 artworks (and he said after that to do 1000!).

Acrylic Painting, working in a series by Kellee Wynne Conrad

For this challenge I have suggested to do small works because I want it to feel manageable, something that could be seen through to the end. Pick a set a of parameters for yourself - one substrate, one subject, one set of materials. For example: My first set of 100 was soft pastel on special pastel paper, size 3x4 and all landscapes. If you try to tackle oil painting, and found object and watercolor...you will be all over the place. So focus in on the one thing you want to learn about yourself and your art for this {100} Artworks Challenge. There will be plenty of time for more of everything else later!

A simple example of small works in a series by Kellee Wynne Conrad

I have not set a deadline to finish because I think we are more likely to quit when we fall too far behind. You can do one artwork a day, or five on Saturday, or one one a week...just keep working and don't quit. Share your work with our Private Facebook Group or with the world and tell people that you are taking on this challenge. Write about it in your blogs or on social media and when you put it out to the world what you are doing, you will find yourself to be more accountable. And a strange thing will happen, people will be looking forward to each new work you post in the series.

So recap:
One size (small works or large if you dare!)
One substrate (paper, canvas, etc)
One subject (landscape, still life, imaginary, abstract, sculpture, etc)
One set of materials (printmaking, acrylic, mixed media, etc.)
Work every week, but without a deadline
Share your work

You will be amazed at what you have accomplished by the time you have finished 100 works of art! And I am so grateful that you have joined me and are allowing me to start an amazing art movement filled with talented and inspirational artists! Thank you...now let's do the work!

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*Final Disclaimer* Only you know what you truly need as an artist and what it will take you to get to the end of 100 artworks. If you have a different idea that you need to fulfill, go for it, you are still welcome here! As with anything, once you know the rules, you can break them.

Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Sometimes life is so unfair and has a lot of challenges to take but it doesn't mean it is already the end of the world. We struggle and experienced those things for us to become strong, aware, and responsible of our actions. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.I hope that you can inspire more people.You can also visit my site and have a good day!



  2. Somehow a challenge makes me more accountable. Did an exercise one last year and have kept it up afterwards. Maybe I'll join this? Tough part would be to focus on one medium.

  3. OK. I am in! I need to practice my painting and mixed media and the lack of deadline means I can surely fit this project into my schedule. I am going to apply to join your FB group now. Thanks!

  4. I very much want to do this! The potential for growth & to see a clear beginning..to see how far one has actually grown. wow.

  5. just found this, am doing my own 100 paintings challenge - up to 44 so far! (http://glasgowpainter.blogspot.com/)


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