THRIVE Artist-in-Residence at Jordan Faye Contemporary

Studio Space of Kellee Wynne Conrad at Jordan Faye Contemporary Thrive Residency Program 2015

There is magic. And new ideas. And a renewed excitement about creating and sharing. I am doing something I have never done before.

For the first time in my art career I have a studio outside my home. After seeing the newly created space at the Jordan Faye Contemporary gallery in Baltimore, I knew I belonged on the 5th floor painting next to those large, bright windows and soaking up the energy of many talented artists. I applied for and was accepted as the first inaugural resident in the THRIVE residency program and I have the honor of creating, sharing, learning and growing in this very magical place for the next several months. It will culminate with a large show in August of the work I've created in the time I've been here.

I am excited to have you join me on this journey. Follow along as all the pieces of being an artist-in-residence unfold in this new story and bit by bit I will share the inside journey of the life of an artist.

Now let's get painting!


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