A Day in the Life of an Artist: Desperately Seeking Motivation

I got jack diddly squat done this week. I might have made one good meal. I had a few good ideas, but they sat on the shelf while I surfed Instagram (@kelleewynnestudios). There is a pile of pictures and frames on the dining room table that have been sitting patiently since Sunday waiting to be hung, just glad they are not locked away in a trunk anymore. Something smells in the kitchen and it’s probably the garbage. My kids are bored with nothing to do – homework I say! – but at last that’s done. I don’t think I got dressed before noon once. I guess you could say I have lost focus already.

 I wake up wanting to do something fabulous with my day. The sunrise spreads little rays of hope that I will really do something creative and new and special with my precious time. But before long time gets plucked away from me. The minutes are squandered and I am stuck somewhere between fear and the internet. I have all the resources at my finger tips but what if I step out on the wrong path? What if I finally get around to writing, but no one reads it? What if I make a cute bird print, but the idea for a four foot abstract would have been better? What if the laundry still needs to be switched over?
How easy it seems to get lost in our own desperate attempts to start something new. When I was a kid the future seemed overflowing with possibilities. I could be a dancer, a teacher, an artist, a veterinarian…there was an endless parade of choices before me. Nothing has changed except the time crunch and my mountain of dreams crushing me alive. So I put them all aside and focus on the job I usually know best - taking care of monkeys. It’s easier than climbing the mountain as these excuses keep rolling in one after the other.
I’ll do it one day, you’ll see. I’ll start painting or writing a novel or start a mass media frenzy…as soon as I sort through my closets and clean out my mind, put the Kindle down and stop postponing my future. You’ll see…if you keep following me…
Tell me how you have the motivation to keep going with your dreams? How do you find the MoJo to have the best week ever? 

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  -Albert Einstein
Originally posted on mylifewithmonkeys.com 1/13/2012


Annapolis Art Exhibit: The Birds and the Bees

Art Exhibit Curated by Kellee Wynne Conrad at West Annapolis Artworks

In the fall of 2012 I decided I was ready to take the leap into showing my art publicly. I had no idea at the time it would catapult me quickly into the Annapolis art scene, showing my art in more than a dozen art shows in less than a year. It seems life as an artist is a continual preparation for the next event...show after show. Exhilarating at times, but daunting mostly. It's still early in my art career, and I still have the "what ifs?" hanging over my head. What if I'm not good enough? What if no one comes? What if I never sell another painting? And what if I just plain and simple burn out before I even fade away?

But the challenge is right there before me and I will not back down. I will continue to set my goals and make my mark and hopefully inspire my friends and artists around me to come along and do the same. Because I believe that there is room for all of us at the top. When we rise as artists, we can rise together and make an impression on enough people that there is value in what we do. That art belongs among people, in our homes and workplaces and within everyone's daily lives.

I guess you could say I believe in art. And hopefully that will be enough to keep me motivated through the "what ifs?" and on to more doing and sharing. And painting. And writing, And teaching. And curating. And spreading the love of art....

What is your "What if?" Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back and rise to the challenge? It's time to take the next step; there is room for you at the top as well!


Happy When I'm Making

"Good Mood" 5"x5" Oil Pastel by Kellee Wynne Conrad

"Happy Happy" 5"x5" Oil Pastel by Kellee Wynne Conrad

"Wild Night" 5"x5" Oil Pastel by Kellee Wynne Conrad

Little blooms and blossoms may one day find themselves a larger painting, but there are some days where all I have time for are these small paintings made with my oil pastels on paper. Small gives me the freedom to play without the intimidation of a big black page. Small means I can tare it up and throw it out if I don't like it. Small means I can do wacky in little ways until I feel confident to wacky in big ways. Small is good when I feel rusty in the studio after too many days off. Small works when I am tired and just need to do one last thing. Small is perfect for a break when I have been working on hard projects. And small is nice because it is attainable for anyone who would love original art in their home.


This Year I Choose Joy

Life is too short not to be happy. I know that letting things get to me is one of my biggest weaknesses. I worry about the future. I mull over the past. I stress over small stuff and fail to take time to enjoy life in the present. Despite my "dreamer" mantra, I am quick to forget that life is good right now.

So this year I choose JOY to inspire me to live a happier life. I will find joy in the little moments. I will start each day fresh, hopeful and full of joy. I will be joyful for the numerous gifts of love I am afforded every single day and often overlook. I will take joy in the fact that I am an artist and I have the support of my family and a wonderful creative community. I will take joy in little laughs, blue skies, paint, meals together, stories shared, hard work, opportunity, a pillow to lay my head on, and those who watch over me. I will be joyful because there is no reason not to be. I choose JOY.

What will you choose to guide you through 2014?
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