Ideas Don't Keep


And neither do children. I have grandiose dreams of being a writer, a painter, a designer, an illustrator, a social media master, a maker of many things; but time is short and the kids still need to be fed. So I pace myself and find time in between loads of laundry, play group and wiping noses. I won’t have this time again. When they have flown the coop I will wonder where it went and wish for them to need me again. But I have ideas now. And I am writing them down and sketching them out. And if I have a quiet afternoon once in awhile I will do what I need to do. I will create.
And I will not regret a single moment of any day. If I am wrestling monkeys or planning my next big project, then I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. The more I find myself enjoying the everyday moments, the more I find I am overflowing with creativity. Because ideas don’t keep, I keep a notebook and remind myself that it’s all there waiting when I finally wander down to my studio. This week was a fine balance between my two loves. I cooked yummy meals and played with my boys and enjoyed my home thoroughly. I was also lucky enough to squeeze in some time for my creative self. 


  1. Bravo for being so centered. Beautiful art!

    1. Thank you Kalina! I'm writing more, hope you come back again!


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