This Year I Choose Joy

Life is too short not to be happy. I know that letting things get to me is one of my biggest weaknesses. I worry about the future. I mull over the past. I stress over small stuff and fail to take time to enjoy life in the present. Despite my "dreamer" mantra, I am quick to forget that life is good right now.

So this year I choose JOY to inspire me to live a happier life. I will find joy in the little moments. I will start each day fresh, hopeful and full of joy. I will be joyful for the numerous gifts of love I am afforded every single day and often overlook. I will take joy in the fact that I am an artist and I have the support of my family and a wonderful creative community. I will take joy in little laughs, blue skies, paint, meals together, stories shared, hard work, opportunity, a pillow to lay my head on, and those who watch over me. I will be joyful because there is no reason not to be. I choose JOY.

What will you choose to guide you through 2014?


  1. Life is definitely a matter of daily choices. Choosing to "take joy" in the little things (which really come together as the big things) is a very powerful statement. I'm with you all the way. Some days it will be easy to see the bright side, the many beautiful wonderful things that make up our wondrous lives, but other days it will be more difficult. If I've had a bad day, I try to do one last thing before I go to sleep: I walk outside and look up. I breathe in the still night air and take a moment to see that our universe is perfect just the way it is.

  2. That was my word for this year!

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