Happy When I'm Making

"Good Mood" 5"x5" Oil Pastel by Kellee Wynne Conrad

"Happy Happy" 5"x5" Oil Pastel by Kellee Wynne Conrad

"Wild Night" 5"x5" Oil Pastel by Kellee Wynne Conrad

Little blooms and blossoms may one day find themselves a larger painting, but there are some days where all I have time for are these small paintings made with my oil pastels on paper. Small gives me the freedom to play without the intimidation of a big black page. Small means I can tare it up and throw it out if I don't like it. Small means I can do wacky in little ways until I feel confident to wacky in big ways. Small is good when I feel rusty in the studio after too many days off. Small works when I am tired and just need to do one last thing. Small is perfect for a break when I have been working on hard projects. And small is nice because it is attainable for anyone who would love original art in their home.

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