What's Your Word?

I am struggling through the end of this year trying to say goodbye to 2013. I'm holding on tight as it puts up a good fight. I'm not ready to move forward. It’s just that I am a silly sentimental fool and I have never been comfortable when I am aware of time passing. When I was a child I remember agonizing over the end of summer when Dad would cover the pool for winter, knowing that another season of my youth had zipped by me. 

That’s how I felt yesterday while putting all of the Christmas decorations away, knowing when I see them again we will all have seen another year through. In 1983 I got sad knowing I wouldn't be a kid forever, and it is only magnified a million times in 2013 when I know my boys won’t be kids forever. Yes, 2013 was a good of a year and I'm trying to drag out the final days, as slow and sweet as possible. But now we are only a couple days away from 2014 and I have a feeling if I face it with my usual “dreamer" attitude, I can make this year even sweeter.
So, before routine settles back into our daily lives and once again I forget to be melancholy about the ticking clock, I am preparing a few resolutions to ensure I am making the best of another great year. You see, I believe in these sorts of things…things that stop your life for a moment and make you evaluate if you’re giving it your best shot. I believe that every day can be a new start to the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make a new start.
How do I do this in addition to my crazy monkey schedule you ask? A few years back, a creative, crafty blogger named Ali Edwards started a trend of picking one word to represent your whole year. One word to help you set goals and make improvements. One word to replace a long list of resolutions. This is my fifth year participating and I have chosen the word JOY. It may just be the perfect choice because as you can see, I let little things like the passing of time get to me.  

This is the year where one little word inspires me to live a better life; where the ticking of the clock becomes a testament of time well spent. Where instead of drudging along, I find joy in the everyday, happiness in the abundance I have and laughter in the little moments I live. This is the year I give myself permission to enjoy life, and bring more joy to the ones I love by being happy. Yes, JOY is my word for 2014. 

So, how will you start 2014?  How will you make it the best year ever? What's your word?

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  1. I hadn't heard of the "one word resolution" until reading your blog. I like the idea of using a word versus some long list. Similarly I hate to see time pass and I was just writing on my blog last week about how I wish I could slow down and enjoy life more and just be a bit more observant and "live for the moment" more... I think my word would be "Observe"...


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